Its been 10 months after the release of 0.6, and there is no release or update, and main branch didn’t get far since, and I am not happy about it. The thing is, I was actually working on a new release, but it turns out the functionality I undertook was not as small as I anticipated. I am trying to make rendering extensible, you can see the work on generalizeGraphics branch.

I am not saying the work on that branch is 10 months worth, but on the mean time I had to move twice, once on the other side of Turkey, and after that to another country, Netherlands. It was something I had in mind for couple of years, so I am happy that the oppurtunity arose. Change on this scale of course has its challenges, and that is something I knew, so no complaints, but I am not spending as much time on the engine as I would so it is taking much longer than it would otherwise.

I am hoping to finish the functionality soon, and start wrapping up the next release. Until then, you can watch the changes on the generalizeGraphics branch as I mentioned.