Limon is a 3D first person game engine. Main focus of its development ease of use and ease of study. It is not bleeding edge in any sense, but it is a functioning game engine none the less.

It is based on Opengl 3.3 + SDL2, but many other libraries are used.

Latest release can be downloaded here

Documentation is served by read the docs

Chat is done using Discord

Here is the latest tech demo of the engine:

0.6 Tech Demo

There is also another video for features:

0.6 featurette

Features (as of 12 February 2019)

  • Loads 60+ Model formats (thanks to Assimp)
  • Skeletal animations + Mixamo.com support
  • Custom 3D forward renderer with realtime lighting/shadows + postprocessing effects (only SSAO at the moment)
  • Rigid body physics
  • 3D spatial sound
  • In game map editor
  • Creating Animations in editor
  • Trigger volumes
  • API for customisations
    • Actions: Triggers, buttons, onload.
    • AI Actors: Enemies, NPCs, followers.
    • Player extensions: Input handling.
  • Loading customisations from shared libraries