I am Engin Manap, a professional software engineer from Turkey. I have started programming at the age of 14, even then I knew I want to work on programming, and keep working on this path, eventually allowing me earn my living developing software. Currently I am developing enterprise level software that serves around 400 million people around the globe.

But this did not mean I stop working honing my skills. Back in the middle school I created some small mod maps for quake 2 and model modifications for Half-life. At the time I didn’t know enough mathematics to make sense of even some basic things, like rotating door on an axis etc. Now with a BS on Computer science, sure I should be able to get the 3d programming, but I did not. At least the first couple tries. I failed to properly implement even a pong game with OpenGL. After failing over and over, I got some good resources focusing on mathematics of 3D programming, and finally understand what I am try to implement. Since then I tried out some minor applications as samples, and realized they don’t cover the ground I would like to learn.

Now I am working on this 3D FPS engine, just as a learning experience. It is not suppose to be great, but it should have the essential functionality that can support a game.

Also, I used some premade maps for testing and creating videos, credits as follows: